CD - Six Meditations
by David Stanwood
recorded at the Stanwood Piano Studio/Workshop
On the Island of Martha's Vineyard
September 2016


     Piano Improvisations by David Stanwood

  David Stanwood is both a pianist and piano restoration  expert.    The music was recorded on a
  piano   recently   restored  at   his  workshop  in  West Tisbury  Massachusetts  on  the  Island of
  Martha's Vineyard.  The instrument is a Mason & Hamlin model A Grand, made in Boston in the
  year 1905.     Over  a  period of 11 months the piano was completely  disassembled  and remade
  with a new soundboard,  strings,  and  custom balanced action.  The recordings were made as the
  project neared completion.   Stanwood improvised in-the-moment with little or no preconception
  of what he was going to play.   The order of tunes is in the same order as they were played.

1. Piano Reborn  6:50      This is a record of the first moment that the piano sounded again
  after  being silent during the 11 month restoration.      It is the initial exploration of the
  pianos' newly found tone and touch.

  2. Old Friend 12:20   Further exploration with a trustworthy & simple improvisational form. 

       TRIO - Meditation with Birds

3. Blue Jays 10:53    Turn up the volume and Listen carefully to hear the Blue Jays calling.
4. Crows 9:32   Crows outside joined me in this improvisation on a simple two note theme. 
5. Hens 6:43             A resonant meditation ending with hens announcing a newly laid egg.


6. Take Me Away 14:29   Pianist and listener journey to a magical place in time and space.

Special thanks to my musical mentors: Erik Satie (1866 - 1925), Rudolf Serkin (1903 - 1991),
   Rubén González (1919 - 2003),   Keith Jarrett (1945 - ),   
Paul Sullivan (1955 - ),   and Jacqueline Schwab (1955 - ) 


Original Improvised in-the-moment Piano Music
Found to be effective for:

The Pure Joy of Listening, Relaxing, Meditation, Yoga, De-Stressing, 
Making Love,
Centering,  Easing Chronic Pain,  Sound  Space for Creative Activities,
Art Gallery Ambiance, Supporting Women in Labor,  Nursing babies, Healing, 
Baking Bread, Cooking,  Driving,  Deep Listening,  Consolation,
Dealing with Grief & Loss,  Letting go - crying,  Hospice

1 hour in length
Scroll down for notes on the music

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Listen to a sample track #3 Blue Jays

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