pro piano: steinway d preferred by Krystian Zimerman refined and enhanced


June 26, 2001

“Onward and upward… the GREAT David Stanwood… did some GREAT work at/for/on Pro Piano”

– Ricard de La Rosa of Pro Piano

Background history:

Over the years Ricard de La Rosa has contracted with David Stanwood to refine and enhance the high quality of many new Hamburg Steinway Model D concert grands owned, leased, and sold by Pro Piano.

Ricard de La Rosa may be credited with nurturing this important path breaking research and work done by Stanwood, whose work is making important and historic improvements to pianos worldwide and raising the standard of piano making and piano playing world wide.

The most notable among these Pro Piano instruments improved by Stanwood was Steinway D Pro#0220 which was a favorite of Krystian Zimerman, the famous Polish Classical Pianist.

Krystian Zimerman

“Zimerman toured with it for one full season. (D0220…) and it recorded several (he recorded on it, too… winning a Grammy and Disque  D’or, as well as the GRAMMOPHONE etc…. etc. the Ravel G Major with Boulez and Cleveland, etc.” – Ricard de La Rosa