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bosendorfer : garrick ohlsson; it repeats beautifully, is really comfortable

garrick ohlsson

Letter written to John Callahan, PTD installer in Oakland CA. March 18, 2003

Dear John,

I’m happy to report how pleased I am with my Stanwood Action work that you recently completed.

It is a really sensational and sensitive action now, with wonderful and accurate control in all dynamic ranges.

It repeats beautifully and is really comfortable. I was also thrilled to receive the action back so promptly, because I was heading into the busiest three months of practicing in the last ten years!

You made a commitment and you delivered.

Thanks for making my dear old Bosendorfer feel like a brand new race car.

With all best wishes,


serkin: its amazing, the feel so immediate

Rudolf Serkin

“The action is perfect. It’s even… the whole thing.”

“It feels connected somehow. I couldn’t believe it at first.”

“It’s amazing. The feeling is so immediate.

It reminds me a little of Bosendorfer. This is better, I mean… for me.”
“Thank you for showing me.”
Transcribed from a taped conversation with Mr. Serkin after he played a Steinway D fitted with an early prototype Stanwood Touch Design at the Marlboro Music Festival , August 8, 1988.