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piano recital brings magic of piano improvisation to falmouth


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I love pianos. They offer magic…

I recently experienced this magic when I performed my first solo piano concert at the West Falmouth Library in , Massachusetts on March 7th 2009.

The concert was billed as “Living Room Improvisations” and featured a number of my original “on the spot” free improvisation as well as improvisation on folk pieces, including a Cuban Tango.

The living-room improvisational style is what I do at home…

I just sit at my piano and play spontaneously.

An analogy is “flow of consciousness” poetry or prose. The secret of success is to play on a really nicely tuned piano with tone you can just dive into.

I’ve dreamed of playing a concert at the West Falmouth Library… it’s a beautiful room with hardwood floors, books all around, and beautiful oil paintings on the walls… It’s a very special ambiance.

The concert was at 4pm and it was still light outside so I drew the shades and used a floor lamp by the piano so I felt like I was at home.

Being a piano tuner I have the great vocational satisfaction of playing every piano I work on to check the tuning and make sure that the action and pedals are working properly.

As a piano player the most satisfying pianos to play on are ones that have been freshly tuned. It’s a wonderful part of the job.