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music director, national public radio says the piano responds to her touch

kimberlea daggy

Kimberlea Daggy, Music Director of WFDD Public Radio, Wake Forest University, NC.

Gave her written testimonial on the newly rebuilt Steinway D concert piano rebuilt by Foy Piano Corp, with Sound Board by John Hartman and Precision TouchDesign by Stanwood.

“Why I love your piano”

“I’ve just finished playing Chopin, Brahms and Debussy on your gorgeous piano. I really like the way the instrument responds to not only my touch, but my thought.

This action is so friendly – it seems to ask to be played.

The more I play, the more it wants to be played.

It responds to the loudest and firmest playing just as well as soft, intimate playing. I don’t have to do anything extra to have the piano sound the way I hear it in my mind.”

Kimberlea Daggy

piano innovation; precision touch design completed for Paul Haug – Director Musikschule & Conservatorium Schaffhausen

paul haug8200 Schaffhausen
December 12, 1997

Mr. David C. Stanwood has fitted both grand pianos in the concert hall of our school (Grotrian-Steinweg 277 c1996, Steinway B c1978) with his Stanwood Precision Touch Design system.

The result is excellent and it was quite evident that the touch was greatly improved across the whole keyboard, as well as the repetition which is now possible at a much faster rate.

At the same time, the pianist has more control which allows for a much  finer gradiation of dynamics. That the tone also gains by these measures in beauty and in finish was confirmed by all pianists who had previously  played the instruments.
On December 10, 1997 Mr. Stanwood held an extremely instructive lecture, for concert pianists who had come from all over Switzerland, about his work on the mechanics of the grand piano and about his research in the fields of wool and felt and he illustrated his talk with striking graphics which he made from the exact measurements taken of our instruments.
The pianists and the representatives of the Swiss Conservatory and Music  College tested the instruments after the talk and were all, without exception, very impressed.

We are very grateful to Mr. Stanwood and can only hope that Stanwood Precision Touch  Design will become an international standard as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,
Paul Haug – Director
Musikschule & Conservatorium Schaffhausen
Rosengasse 16
8200 Schaffhausen CH
Telephone: 052 625 3403
Fax: 052 625 3430