December 2013


"David Stanwood brings more than technological innovation to the piano.  His action system takes any piano,

especially the great instruments of the world, into unchartered prodigious territory.  I have owned a Bosendorfer

Imperial, Steinway D, and now a vintage Faust Harrison Steinway C.  When Mr. Stanwood reconstructed its

action I was not prepared for the door he had opened to music making.  The dynamics and sensitivity of the piano's

action are not only more responsive, the range of musical expression is significantly widened. Each key produces

a more desired tone that is in exquisite relationship with all the other sounded notes, chords have more unity and

simultaneous participation of each note, shifts in mood are facilitated rather than resisted, subtle micro differences

in musicality suddenly arise, macro clarity of intended variation are more readily accessed, and finally, there is an

immediate entry into the always sought flow experience where musical desire and created outcome take place as if

the fingers were in direct communication with the strings.  Anyone wanting to go to the furthest limits of musicality

and performance can not afford to be without this groundbreaking contribution to the piano.  I now refer to my

instrument as a "Stanwood-Steinway". It is more than a perfect piano - it is the best of the past and future of all pianos. 

David Stanwood is a national treasure.  Piano music has entered a new frontier of expression."


Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, The Keeney Institute for Healing

Professor and Endowed Chair, University of Louisiana