Stanwood Piano Innovations course offerings by David Stanwood

Level I

    1 Day  Certification Course for the Stanwood New Action Protocol aka SNAP™ 
    Computer Free method for Hammer Weight and Key Balancing to Specific Dynamic Inertia Types.

        Digital scale methods for scaling keystick weights and hammer weights with generic scale specifications
        Filling empty key weight holes and dealing with key leads
        Selecting hammer weight scale specifications and ordering replacement hammers of the correct weight
        Prepping and custom tapering replacement hammers
        Refining the weight of hung hammers after hanging.
        Understanding and working with Balance Weight and Friction components of up and down weight

Level II     (Level I certification is prerequisite)

    3 Day Certification Course in Advanced skills and  Precision Touch Design™ 

        Precision Touch Designing with custom keystick and hammer weight scales
        Designing and working with wippen support springs or Touch Rail
        Working with Tone Weight and Voicing
        Moving capstan and heel lines
        Redesigning Balance Rail position for ideal leverage
        Adjusting Natural vs Sharp leverage
        Installation Stanwood design  key weighting patterns - setting multiple weights with a single layout weight
        Installation of Stanwood CopperTone™ pure soft copper key weights

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